Welcome to the website of the Litter Action Group for Ealing Residents, better known as LAGER Can, proud winners of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service 2021

About LAGER Can

Queen's award for LAGER CanLAGER Can was founded in February 2017 by Keith Freegard, then a resident of Hanwell. In May 2021 we were honoured to receive a Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service. The award was collected by Keith and LAGER Can group leader Cathy Swift in a ceremony at Westminster Abbey. Membership has now climbed to nearly 2,000, and continues to grow.

Our primary goal is to make the London Borough of Ealing’s open spaces cleaner and greener. To achieve this we work with our partners at Ealing Council and the Canal & River Trust as well as businesses and schools. Do contact us if you’d like us to visit your school or youth group. We also spread the word that littering and fly-tipping are not acceptable.

LAGER Can is a very active group, with volunteers working every day independently or in groups, removing hundreds of bags of rubbish, recyclables and piles of unbaggable items from our open spaces. We’re often in the local news, and you can keep up to date via our blog and our dashboard which gives a real-time update on our grime-fighting activities. 

However, we don’t simply pick up rubbish. We’re keen to change the behaviours that lead to littering and fly-tipping. We regularly report fly-tippers to Ealing Council, and many of the offenders we have reported have paid large fines.

We also believe that an environment that looks cared for is less likely to become littered and fly-tipped. To this end, and working in partnership with Ealing Park Rangers, we have carried out grounds maintenance and planting projects to regenerate previously abused sites. LAGER Can has developed and maintains a Rose Garden near Alwyne and Manor Court Roads in Hanwell.


LAGER Can provide equipment, guidance and support to anyone resident in the London Borough of Ealing who cares enough about littering and fly-tipping to want to help clean it up! LAGER Can members report a sense of satisfaction, and improvements to their physical and mental health, as they work outdoors with like-minded people towards a shared goal. 


Please see the Join us tab for information about how to get involved with LAGER Can’s activities.

LAGER Can members can work independently or join organised group events. As a member, you can suggest areas that need the group’s attention.

LAGER Can has welcomed more than 50 Duke of Edinburgh Silver and Bronze Award students. Get in touch if you would like our help.


Keep in touch with LAGER Can on our blog and on our news page.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@CanLager) and Instagram (@lagercanealing). Our Instagram page was set up and is maintained by our Duke of Edinburgh volunteers.