Council clean-up

Forty hardcore grot-spots are being targeted in a major council clean-up backed by LAGER Can.

Our volunteers have been getting up at dawn to help council crews in an exercise likened by deputy council leader Deidre Costigan to an ‘annual clean behind the microwave’.

The initiative comes weeks after LAGER Canners cleared a whopping 16 tonnes of fly-tipped rubbish from alleyways off Canada Crescent in North Acton.

On the hit-list are alleyways, embankments and other neglected corners not usually covered by street sweepers.

Cllr Costigan, cabinet member for climate action, said: “With our big spring clean we are looking at those areas of the borough that do not normally get attention because they are in inaccessible places, like under railway bridges – or alleyways that are privately owned but visible from the public highway. This is a bit like when you pull out the microwave once a year and give it a bit of a clean behind.”

Speaking in a council video, LAGER Can’s Cathy Swift said: “We are on a campaign to clean all the rubbish from all the open spaces of the borough, which is a very big task, but we have 2,000 members and we are very strongly supported by the council, its street services team, and the Greener Ealing cleansing team. They all provide fantastic support to LAGER Can.

“We have a lot of fun while we are doing this, and lots of people have made many new friends, so if you’d like to help clean up the borough and make some new friends, please get in touch with us on our social media and we will give you a warm welcome.”

Photo: Ratan Randhawa

An alleyway behind Allenby Road in Southall was the first location for an early morning clean-up. Also on the job sheet in Southall were Bankside, The Common and Bridge Road – which all feature in LAGER Can’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ list of the borough’s worst litter hotspots.