LAGER Can cleans up in West Ealing

LAGER Can members clear vast amounts of rubbish every year, but how is it all logged? Group chair Cathy Swift explains…

Our members are encouraged to record the work they do as LAGER Can volunteers. This data feeds directly into our Dashboard which is updated every five minutes.

We record the work (removing litter, recyclables, leaves, ‘unbaggables’ – an estimate of the number of bags’ worth of items too large to put in a bag, and some regeneration work) done by members of LAGER Can working independently, including Duke of Edinburgh award volunteers. Most of this work takes place in the London Borough of Ealing but we encourage members to record their work wherever it takes place. 

We record the work carried out during the group events we organise (or co-organise – so far only River Action Group events with Ealing Golf Club and Clean Up The River Brent, with the agreement of both groups).

River Brent team
Tackling river rubbish with CURB

The vast majority are in Ealing but we are proud to have hosted events in neighbouring Hillingdon, Hounslow and Brent. We include the work done by volunteers from other groups who come to support us. 

LAGER Can branded rubbish bags are used for most of the above, but this is not essential. We encourage the reuse of rubbish receptacles that you have lying around.

We encourage our members to wear LAGER Can hi-vis vests while they are working, but some choose not to, and it is not essential.

Additionally, we log work we become aware of carried out by volunteers using LAGER Can rubbish bags and/or wearing LAGER Can hi-vis vests. We would prefer our branded items only to be used when working for LAGER Can.

So far we have not logged fly-tips, fly-tippers, graffiti, blocked drains etc reported or the hours of admin work or meeting attendance by our members.